Liberación withdraws plan to shave scholarships that irked students

With students planning a march today, lawmakers in the Partido Liberación Nacional  said late Monday that they would withdraw a proposal to cut the higher education budgets. Students may march and tie up traffic anyway.

The Liberación proposal would have cut the money allocated for a special fund to finance education by  about 1 percent.  This is where the money for scholarships comes from.  The lawmakers said they were influenced by younger members of their own party.

President Luis Guillermo Solís, who happens to be a university professor, proposed a 14 percent increase in the higher education budget.  That was part of his proposal that was significantly larger than the budget the year before.

Solís has come out in favor of the march. Much of his support came from the academic community.

Other political parties have proposed more drastic cuts, so students still have a reason to march. The budget sill is in committee where there is a strong effort to trim it.

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