Moín terminal dodges legal obstacle

A government agency reported Friday that the Sala I of the Corte Suprema de Justicia has rejected an appeal presented by the union of Caribbean dock workers over a proposed container facility there.

The agency is the Consejo Nacional de Concesiones, which called the appeal the last legal obstacle to construction of the nearly $1 billion facility.

The Consejo predicted that the project would receive environmental approval in November and that a start on the project would come in the first month of next year. The environmental decision will come from the Secretaria Técnica Nacional Ambiental.

The Consejo also said that an access route to the site should be completed next month, too.

APM Terminals proposed to build the container handling facility, but the plan has met with strong opposition from the  Sindicato de Trabajadores of the Junta de Administración Portuaria y de Desarrollo Económico de la Vertiente Atlántica.

The proposed terminal is expected to handle ships of 8.800 containers, nearly four  times the size that can be accommodated now.

The terminal will be on an artificial island at the port of Moín. Union workers fear the terminal will put the public docks out of business.

The Consejo said that the cost of shipping s container of 960 boxes of bananas at the new terminal will be $237 compared to $250 at the existing docks.

Despite the prediction by the Consejo of the end to legal troubles, the dock worker union probably will take additional action.

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