Murder sentence consistency seems to be lacking

Strangling a man to steal his possessions means 15 years in prisons, according to a report from the Poder Judicial.

But if you are woman and slug the man who gropes you, the penalty is 10 years when the man later dies in the hospital, according to the same series of report

The penalty is only eight years in prison if you shoot an unarmed acquaintance in the head.

These were some of the contradictions that took place in the nation’s courts last week. The Poder Judicial reported the penalties and the cases.

A judge in Pococí assessed the the 15-year penalty on two men and a woman who were involved in the strangling of a 60-year-old lawyer with the last name of Vargas. That happened in  Guácimo  last December. The trio took advantage of an abbreviated procedure without a trial in which they admitted their guilt. The woman appears to have lured the victim to her home where he was killed.

The woman who got 10 years also participated in an abbreviated process. The Poder Judicial said she was in a commercial center in Turrialba this February when a passerby groped her in what the report said was her intimate parts. The woman responded by hitting the man, identified by the last name of Araya, The man died at the hospital.

In yet another abbreviated procedure, a man in a Limón court got eight years for the shooting death of a victim identified by the last name of Walters. After a confrontation in the public street, the convicted man pulled out a firearm and shot the victim in the head. There had been prior personal problems,

In most cases, convicted felons serve about half their sentence.

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