Old aduana scam still works well

People still are falling for the old aduana scam.

Judicial agents in Heredia detained a man Wednesday morning. They said he was involved in luring scam victims with the possibility of getting expensive items cheaply.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that at least four persons fell for the scam and there may be many more.

Judicial agents said the scam worked like this:

Fraudsters would place  advertising on the Internet offering items at a low cost. They included quadracycles, containers of lumber, jet skis and similar.

When a caller contacted the fraudster, he would tell them that he was an employee at the nation’s customs agency and that the items for

Scam suspect is on his way to court.

Scam suspect is on his way to court.

sale are those that had been abandoned there or could not be claimed by the owners because of cost.

The fraudster or fraudsters used the name  Víctor Urrutia, judicial agents said.

Those who fell for the scheme were invited to meet someone at a designated place. When they arrived and then balked at paying money without seeing the merchandise, a fraudster would pull a gun and take their money.

Those who blindly paid the money and then showed up at the aduana warehouse found out they had been scammed. The paperwork was fake, as was the name  Víctor Urrutia

This is a scam that probably is as old as the customs agency.

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