Pavón near Golfito hosts a flurry of earthquakes over the weekend

Four earthquakes havetaken place in the southern part of the country since early Friday.

The first was an early Friday morning tremor just 23 minutes after midnight. The location was in the Gulfo Dulce about 2.9 kilometers south southeast of Pavón.

This was felt in Puerto Jiménez across the gulf and in Corredores, nearby Golfito, Ciudad Neily and San Vito.

Then Friday at 4:53 a.m. a 4.9 quake took place 5.2 kilometers southeast of Pavón.

Although the quake had slightly less magnitude, it was felt stronger in Corredores and  Ciudad Neily, according to the Laboratorio de Ingenieria Sismica at the Universidad de Costa Rica.

Another 4.9 magnitude quake took place in roughly the same area at 25 minutes after midnight Sunday. The epicenter was estimated to be 7.1 kilometers south southeast of Pavón. Again it was felt strongest in  Corredores and  Ciudad Neily.

Then at 7:39 p.m. Sunday there was a 3.6 magnitude quake in the same area, 5.3 kilometers north northeast of Pavón. This quake probably was not even felt by the residents, according to the Laboratorio’s automatic monitoring stations.

Although there is a major and highly active fault running up the length of the gulf, previous quakes in the Pavón area have been blamed on a local fault.

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