Peeks into computer files of top soccer player now considered a crime

he Poder Judicial said Thursday that the chief prosecutor has order that a criminal investigation be launched in the case of breaches of a secret law enforcement database.

Legislators also moved Thursday to conduct their own investigation of the breaches that involved Kaylor Navas, the star soccer player, and the files of his two sisters.

Involved are four prosecutors and 24 judicial police agents. At least three may be off the hook because it appears that they were told to look into the Navas files by a supervisor. Still unknown is the motive for breaching the secrecy.

Actually what is contained in the files are fairly routine items. The software is designed to accumulate information from other state computers. So the files could contain electric and water bills, municipal tax bills criminal records, if any, ownership of telephones and vehicles and income and bank information. This is about the same type of information available through commercial credit agencies.

The Poder Judicial said that the fiscal general or chief prosecutor Jorge Chavarría Guzmán had assigned the case to the Fiscalía Adjunta de Probidad, Transparencia y Anticorrupción and said it was to be treated as a felony, abuse of authority.

That is a 180-degree shift for  Chavarría who said initially that he was conducting a disciplinary investigation.

More than 2,000 persons in the Poder Judicial and various police agencies have access to the files. There may have been other breaches that will be investigated, too, said the Poder Judicial.

Navas has hired a local lawyer to represent him. He is playing soccer in Spain.

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