Police bracing for a weekend of Halloween-inspired vandalism

The Fuerza Pública has begun its anti-vandalism operation that will run through Monday.

This is the annual effort to stop the excesses of the Noche de Brujas, basically an excuse to behave badly. Last year police detained 184 persons and detained 129 the year before.

Officials also urged residents to take steps to provide for their own safety. That might be as obvious as putting garbage in a secure place so vandals cannot torch it. For motorists, the warning might mean avoiding neighborhoods that have proved to be battle grounds in the past.

Typically the vandals will build fires in the middle of the streets. Vehicles have been torched in the past.

The Fuerza Pública also said that the Noche de Brujas provides an excuse for more serious crimes, including stickups.   They have urged merchant to prohibit entry to sores by persons wearing masks. Police also will be patrolling churches and cemeteries that have proved to be targets of vandals.

The Noche de Brujas was inspired by the vandalism on Halloween in the United States.

This year the vandalism might run for three nights.

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