Police break up pirate taxi protest that closed roads

About 125 pirate taxi drivers, upset with not having their grievances heard by transport officials, blocked major highways Wednesday morning for about five hours.

Unlike during previous episodes by pirate taxi drivers or formal taxistas, police moved in to break up the protest shortly before noon. Some 25 participants were arrested, including one for carrying an illegal firearm. The arrests took place on the Circunvalación in Hatillo where 25 vehicles were impounded, too.

Avenida 2 in the downtown also was blocked as were other key roads. There were confrontations between the protesters and motorists. Some drivers were caught in stalled traffic for hours.

Protesters in Hatillo appeared to be behaving badly. One threatened motorcycle drivers with a large rock. Another stole the keys from motorcycles. Some protesters resisted arrest.

The Circunvalación is the four-lane highway that bypasses the center of San José to the south.

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