President launches high-level commission to make country competitive

The president initiated the work Wednesday of  a commission designed to improve the competitivity of the country.

It is the   Consejo Presidencial de Competitividad, Innovación y Talento Humano The work will be in three parts.

The first, headed by First Vice President Helio Fallas, is the  Consejo de Competitividad This includes the ministers of  Agricultura y Ganadería, Economía, Industria y Comercio, Comercio Exterior, Obras Públicas y Transportes, Ambiente y Energía and Turismo. There also are two representatives from industry and one each from the Consejo Privado de Competitividad and the Cámara de Exportadores.

The Consejo de Innovación y Talento Humano will be directed by Second Vice President Ana Helena Chacón and include the ministers of  Ciencia y Tecnología, Educación Pública, Trabajo, and Comercio Exterior. There will be representatives from the Instituto Nacional de
Aprendizaje, the Consejo Privado de la Competitividad, the Consejo Nacional de Rectores, the Unión de Rectores de Universidades Privadas, the Asociación de Empresarios para el Desarrollo, private industry and the Coalición Costarricense de Inciativas de Desarrollo.

Also created is the Alianza para el Desarrollo Productivo y el Empleo, headed by the Ministerio de Trabajo.

The umbrella presidential commission will meet twice a month, and the individual consejos will meet once a month, said Casa Presidencial. The groups are supposed to identify the vision and the objective principles that the country should reach in the medium and long term to be more competitive. They are supposed to suggest programs, priorities and policies involving the various ministries with the same goals.

Also announced Wednesday was that President Luis Guillermo Solís will travel to Canada at the end of the month seeking investors.

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