Quick action by rescue teams manages to locate two cyclists

Two mountain bikers got more than they bargained for Sunday when they appear to have become disoriented and lost.

The pair,  Byron Pérez and Jerson Bagnarello, left their Tibás homes without any kind of preparation or basic survival gear, said police.

They were located in  Bajo de La Hondura. San Isidro de Heredia, Monday morning. They had spent a chilly night in the wilds. Temperatures were in the 40s F, officials said.

The pair reported that they did not see any large animals during their night out.

The security ministry mustered its search team because officials knew that the cyclists were not well prepared.

Expats from cold climes are aware that any winter trip should be made with food, water and material for a fire. Rescue workers say the same is true in Costa Rica.

Some 1,200 travelers were trapped for at least 13 hours when landslides closed Ruta 32 last month. That is a highly visible route, and heavy equipment was on the way immediately. But a similar, smaller incident in a a remote roadway could leave motorists stranded for several days.

And each year groups of tourists end up missing in the nation’s national parks because of lack of preparation.

Rescued cyclists pose with their rescuers Monday morning.

Rescued cyclists pose with their rescuers Monday morning.

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