Rey Curré festival is this weekend

The residents of Rey Curré are planning a big party Thursday through Saturday at the community in southwestern Costa Rica.

The event is the  XXII Festival Cultural Indígena Rey Curré 2014. The Museo Nacional is even loaning three of those famous stone spheres for the  gathering, which will be steeped in Boruca culture.

The ancestors of the Boruca are presumed to be the fabricators of the spheres, which are believed to have been used for status purposes.

The community is 32 kilometers south of  Buenos Aires de Puntarenas on the Interamerican Sur. Rey Curré is the most accessible Boruca community.

Thursday locals will be making a bull costume to participate in the Danza del diablitos, a traditional Boruca vs. Spanish theme. Usually the community holds the Diablito event in the first days of January. But for this festival there is a special abbreviated showing of the dance and interplay of forces Saturday at 1 p.m.

The spheres are supposed to arrive about 3 p.m. Thursday. For the rest of the weekend there is food, cultural activities, dancing and music.

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