Rustler gets a super deal at a metro area court

The Poder Judicial said Wednesday that the criminal court in Goicoechea has successfully  handled and sentenced an accused in its  first case of cattle rustling.

The rustler, identified by the last names of  Soto Jara, got a much better deal that he would have in Texas or Colorado. The Poder Judicial said he got three years. But the fine print says he was let go on conditional execution of the penalty. Presumably if he does not rustle and butcher any more cows within five years, his sentence will be served.

There were two crimes. One was April 21 and the other was June 5. They were on different farms in Las Nubes de Coronado

Soto stole a Holstein yearling and a Jersey bull in the first instance and then a young Jersey in the second instance.

Soto took the animals to a secluded spot where he butchered them and carried away the meat.

Soto accepted the charges in what is known as an abbreviated procedure, so there was no trial.

'Anyone seen a rustler, pardners?'

‘Anyone seen a rustler, pardners?’

Cattle rustling, either for sale or for the meat, is a plague but the locale usually is Guanacaste.

Coronado is a milk-producing area, and Jerseys and Holsteins are milk cows not well suited for steaks. That is probably why the  court in the northern metro area has not had a case like that previously.

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