San Ramón to celebrate holiday with food encounter

In San Ramón, the Día del Encuentro de Culturas is celebrated with a cooking competition of traditional foods.

The Centro Cultural e Histórico José Figueres has been putting on the event for more than 10 years, and local cooks come forward with their best and often creative dishes.

The center said Wednesday that registration is open for this year’s competition.

Organizers encourage the use of local products such as coffee, chayote and caña dulce. The categories will be sweet dishes and salads. Cooks are expected to also present a recipe for the dish, and then these become permanent records of the area cooking traditions.

The Día del Encuentro de Culturas, known in the north as Columbus Day, is Oct. 11 and, conveniently, a Saturday.

Each year from 10 to 15 cooks present their dishes, said the center. Winners are decided by a jury and then the dishes are put on display. Cooks also can bring extra to share with visitors, the center noted. Those who wish to participate can contact the cultural center at 2447-2178.

Last year one winner was a plate of  prestiños rellenos prepared by a resident identified as Laura Salazar.   Prestiños are like a sweet tortilla fried in oil. But in this case they were rolled in order to create a place for a filling that included miel de chiverre, according to the cultural center.

Other winners were a flan de ayote and a tropical salad.

Flan de ayote

Flan de ayote

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