Small increase for some bus companies

The nation’s price regulating agency has authorized small increases in bus fares. Both the San José-Alajuela and the San José-Heredia buses will go up 20 colons to 535 colons.

Some local buses are going up just 5 colons. Buses that go longer distances also will go up but the amount is more. The bus increases were a blanket 3.4 percent, said the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos.

Some bus companies failed to receive an increase because they are behind on payments to the government, including to the Caja Costarricnse de Seguro Social and the tax collector. These firms, some 55 percent of all bus companies,  have 30 days to pay their obligations, said the Autoridad.

The bus fares are studied and usually increased twice a year.

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