Smuggling case generates bribe allegation

The wording on the vehicle said it contained seafood, but when police checked they said they found a large shipment of alcohol and beer.

This was yet another load of bottles and cans smuggled to duck Costa Rica’s taxes. But the woman passenger made a mistake.

The Fuerza Pública said that the woman, identified by the last name of  Ramírez, offered police officers 500,000 colons, nearly $1,000, to ignore the alcohol. She faces a bribery allegation and was remanded to the local prosecutor in Limón

The confiscation took place in Westfalia on the Caribbean coast. The shipment contained many cartons of beer but also bottles of rum, whisky and tequila,

In another smuggling case reported Tuesday police at San Dimas de La Cruz intercepted a Nicaraguan-registered pickup in which a passenger carried a briefcase with 1,500 various types of medicines and pills.  They were confiscated, too.

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