Tax police close down 24 establishments for various violations

The tax police closed down 24 commercial operations this week. The violations included failing to provide facturas or receipts for services or goods, being behind on sales tax payments and even failing to register a company with the tax agency in the first place.

The actions took place in San José, Alajuela, Heredia and San Carlos. The agents of the Dirección General de Tributación physically closed the businesses and placed a sticker on accesses warning that entry is prohibited.

The businesses included restaurants, car washing firms, cabins, auto shops, fabric sales outlets, repair part sales stores and cosmetic sales. The best known is the Inka Grill in Curridabat, which Tributación said was behind on remitting sales taxes.

In most cases the businesses are required to stay shut for at least five days while arrangements are made to become current with taxes.

Some firms try to avoid their tax obligations simply by not registered with Tributación. When caught, operators may find their actions elevated to a criminal charge.

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