The body in Barranca was not yet cold

The Irish saying is “May you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you’re dead.”

The Costa Rica version is “Don’t tell anyone you’re dead.”

That is one reason why the Costa Rican media usually do not publish obituaries, at least until after the funeral.

Empty homes while the family members are at the funeral prove to be easy pickings for burglars.

That was proven true in an unusual way Tuesday in  Barranca, Puntarenas. Fuerza Pública officers detained an 18 year old who is being accused of breaking into a home shortly after the occupant was gunned down in the street. Investigators do not believe the thief was the gunman.

The victim of the shooting was identified by the last name of Garcia. He died about 400 meters from his home in the Urbanización Juanito Mora in Barranca. He was additionally identified as an ex-convict.

The theft suspect, identified by the last name of Gómez, came into police hands in the patio of a neighboring house. A hole had been chopped into the security wall at the rear of the ex-convict’s home.

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