Three artist adopt the dragonfly symbol

Considered worldwide a symbol of freedom and depth of character, the dragonfly depicts a change of perspective in self-awareness and insight.  Three Costa Rican artists chose to call their group The Golden Dragonflies because of

Rosibel Marín López.  Rosemary McDermott Dobles and  Felicia Salazar Quirós pose before their works.

Rosibel Marín López. Rosemary McDermott Dobles and Felicia Salazar Quirós pose before their works.

the similarities between these artist’s traits and the intrinsic symbolism of the golden dragonfly.

The artists are Rosemary McDermott Dobles, Felicia Salazar Quirós, and Rosibel Marín López. Their  collective exhibit, “Dialogue With Nature,”  opens Saturday at the  Hidden Garden Art Gallery west of Liberia.

Frequent trips to the mountains searching for wild orchids inspired artist McDermott in many of her paintings which depict the natural habitat of the flora indigenous to Costa Rica. Born in Quepos, Ms. McDermott honed her artistic talents through the Museo de Arte Costarricense’s program Escuela Casa del Artista where she received a degree in fine arts with a specialty in painting in 201.She has been a professor of painting.

“The ultimate power of nature and the exotic beauty that surrounds us, whether flowers, animals, or trees, is fascinating to me,” she said  Knowing
that these  fragile flowers must remain their natural habitat in order to survive, her paintings show the viewers the orchids astounding colors, shapes, and sizes. These sometimes mythical flowers present an air of mystery, elegance, cadence and sensuality.

Born in San Isidro, Coronado, Costa Rica, artist Salazar started her career in the 90s exploring with paint on wood and other materials. After studies in design and artistic drawing at the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje, she also joined the Escuela La Casa del Artista, where she received a degree in fine arts with an emphasis in painting. Through her exceptional pictorial style, full of color and movement, Ms, Salazar’s paintings represent women who, immersed in their dreams, leave their pasts behind to continue building their future, expressing the hopes and dreams that women must cherish.

Using art as a source of medical therapy, Costa Rican artist Marin discovered her talent late in life. Focusing on surrealism, Ms. Marin’s art intertwines the beauty of women with tropical and vibrant flowers, allowing projection of her thoughts in a beautiful and subtle way.

“The flower is a delicate subject for these women,” she said. “For some it is the sweet scent and striking colors which signify a gift or a pleasant memory, and for others it harbors changes that lie ahead. I want to bring a positive message to women, their feelings and experiences.”

Ms. Marín received the title of middle technical in fine arts from the Escuela La Casa del Artista in 2010 and has also worked as a teacher of drawing and painting at different institutions in Costa Rica, and is currently working at Fundacion El Futuro de Todos, a training center for young people with Down syndrome.

The opening Saturday is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the gallery, located 5 kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber Airport. More information is available at 2667-0592, 8386-6968, or

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