Weeds can provide a bit of therapy

For the last few hours, I have been doing a job that I have never heard anyone profess to enjoy.  Yes, I was weeding the garden.

Weeds are pernicious, evil, malicious, insidious, destructive things torleyheader062314(too much?).  Since they don’t have to produce — except their own nasty seeds or runners — they can put all their energy into a developing a destructive force greater than that of the Death Star.

Okay that was over the top a bit, but I bet you have all felt the same way.  I know of only one good thing about weeds.  When you are
angry or upset, you can go out, grab a weed by its scrawny neck, yank it right out of the ground, shake it into submission, scream at it (vile curses work for me), call it by name (and by that I mean the name of your husband, wife, boss, you get the idea), and throw it far, far away!!   Ahhhhhh.  Wasn’t that a relief? And don’t you feel better?  Sometimes it takes more than one or two weeds.  There are times when I have treated myself to an entire section of my garden before the smile returned to my face.  But it helps.

Today’s weeding expedition was in the portulaca bed.  Portulaca are particularly difficult because they are tender stemmed and they start at a central point and spread outward.  As you pull weeds, it is easy to disturb shallow roots.  If weed seeds have gotten in close to the central point, you need to pull the portulaca shoots gently apart and wiggle the weed so that the roots let go without damaging flower roots.  I much prefer weeding around my lilies and roses.  It’s so much easier to see what I am doing.  On the other hand, if I weeded my portulaca more often…..okay, I should probably do that.

I have a lot of gardens, and most of them are relatively small.  The rose garden is about 3 square meters (about 32 square feet) and other gardens are larger or smaller.  There was a time when I had one big garden 6 x 23 meters (20 x 75 feet) or a total of 139 square meters (1,500 square feet).  That is a big garden, and I never got finished with the weeding.   This was very frustrating because I was never actually done.  Nothing was ever finished.   Now there are a lot of small gardens, and I can come in and say, with finality, “I weeded the garden.”  There is a sense of accomplishment about finishing a job you started.  And there is a sense of relief because that garden will not have to be weeded again for another week.  Today, I weeded the portulaca garden and had enough energy left over to weed a second small garden.

I’ll drink to that!

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