A little cold snap brings out the winter clothes

The Central Valley is struggling through another cold snap where a bit of wind and temperatures below 70 F provoke complaints.

For some, the temperatures that may dip overnight to 16 C. are challenging. After all, that is about 61 F!

Still Costa Rican buildings are not made to withstand a cold snap. The windows leak and in some cases there are no windows at all. Mosquitoes are not a big threat in the Central Valley. Some upscale homes have fireplaces, but they usually are more trouble to light than they are worth.

Anyway, birds built nests in the chimney

Cartago is the cold spot of the nation with overnight temperatures at 16 C and with expected daytime temperatures today about 21  C. That’s 70 F.

Folks living near the Turrialba volcano can almost pretend that the residual ash from the eruptions really is snow.

The wind does inflict a little damage to the face, almost like a sunburn. So today is the day to break out those winterish clothing, especially if

It's time to show winterish clothing.

It’s time to show winterish clothing.

there are youngsters who need protection.

The beaches, of course, will continue to register temperatures in the 80s during he day. However, there has been rain on the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone. More is expected today.

The north Pacific will get strong winds, said the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional. The strongest will be in the mountains, perhaps as much as 80 kph, about 50 mph.

The good news is that the cold front is a harbinger of the dry seasons that is supposed to unfold earlier this year during this month.

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