Agents grab suspect in vehicle robberies

Motorists are at their most vulnerable when they have to leave their vehicle to open the gate to their household parking spot.

That is when bandits strike and take the vehicle. Sometimes the motorist is left injured or worse.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said Thursday that its agents had detained a 24-year-old man in Barrio Mercedes de Aserrí and accused him of committing at least four such crimes.

They are called bajonazos in Spanish. That’s when someone sticks a pistol in the face of a motorist and tells him or her to get down out of the vehicle.

The man detained Thursday also faces an allegation of attempted murder.

Agents suspect that there are victims who have not reported the crime. They said they encouraged them to do so.

Agents found these sets of car keys in the suspect's home.

Agents found these sets of car keys in the suspect’s home.

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