Coastal zoning plans for municipalities are said to be chaotic

No coastal canton in Costa Rica has a zoning plan that covers its entire area, said the Contraloría de la República in a report summarized Wednesday.

The zoning plan, called plan regulador in Spanish, is vital for those who seek to develop projects.

However, the Contraloría used the word chaotic to describe the situation.

The majority of the coastal municipalities do not know the total of the properties in their territories or the areas they encompass, said the summary.

In addition, the Contraloria’s Área de Servicios Ambientales y de Energía said it was hard-pressed to know exactly how many plans exist because those at the Instituto Nacional de Vivienda y Urbanismo are  not the same as those at the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo. In addition there are competing plans in some areas of some municipalities, it said.

Such plans also are vital for the development of the maritime zone, known as the zona marítimo terrestre, where municipalities and the institute award concessions.

The study also found that some 14 plans adopted by municipalities do not include correct geographical coordinates.

The government has not provided the municipalities with the resources to correctly create the zoning plan, said the summary.

The Contraloría did not suggest a quick fix. It called on nearly every agency of the government to work on the problem to restructure the method of creating such plans and to provide the resources to do it.lost112714

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