Contact finally made with missing hikers

Those eight lost hikers made contact with search crews Thursday evening and were extracted from the  Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo Friday.

The Cruz Roja said that a search team spent three hours working its way through the jungle before reaching the lost group, mostly of judicial workers. The Cruz Roja said that detonations helped the searchers find the lost hikers. That is  presumed to mean that a judicial worker was firing a sidearm.

Searchers spent 50 hours on the job. They began the search Tuesday morning.

The seven men and a woman entered the park Monday, but did not appear when they were supposed to do so near the Río Sucio..

The Cruz Roja said that one member of the missing party managed to contact a family member to say that all were in good health but that  they could not find their way out of the park. The public employees were on their day off.

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