Downtown shootout results in the deaths of two robbery suspects

A man accompanying a lottery vendor engaged two robbers in a firefight Wednesday, and both assailants ended up dead.

The shootout took place in the very center of San José near the offices of the agency that runs the national lottery, the Junta de Protección Social.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that two men arrived on a motorcycle as the lottery vendor was about to obtain Christmas lottery tickets for sale.  The robbers took a briefcase that contained cash.

A man accompanying the lottery vendor tried to recover the briefcase, and a robber fired on him, said agents. That is when the man pulled out his own firearm and killed one robber, tentatively identified by the last name of Vanegas.  He was 27.

The second robber began to fire his weapon and to flee. The lottery agent’s associate chased him and returned fire. The fleeing man was mortally wounded. He was identified by the last name of Hernández. He was 32.

Agents collected 15 shells at the location as well as a .22-caliber firearm believed used by a robber and a .45-caliber pistol used to defend the lottery vendor, they said.

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