Entrepreneurship featured with many events

The high point of Costa Rica’s Semana Global del Emprendimiento will be, appropriately, the new age guru Deepak Chopra, who has parlayed a medical degree into a $100 million business.

He is scheduled to speak Nov. 24, but there are many other activities promoting what is called in English the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Since its founding in 2007, the week has blossomed to now include activities in 130 countries.

Activities in Costa Rica started Nov. 4 and have the support of many major firms. A calendar is HERE! In all there are some 40 activities centered on the theme.

In addition to discussions, there have been some concrete actions. Grupo Nación participated in the formation of  a business incubator, and President Luis Guillermo Solís is scheduled to announce a national policy of entrepreneurship. There also are discussions scheduled with persons who have started and run successfully their own businesses.

None has been as successful as Chopra who promotes the belief that mind controls matter and that the right approach can extend life. His talk at the Centro de Eventos Pedregal has admissions ranging from 162,400 to  29,120 colons, some $304 to $53.60.

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