Four held in Heredia murder-for-hire plot

Four men including a business partner of the victim have been detained in the attempted assassination.

The case involves persons associated with Busetas Heredianas S. A.

Last Feb. 10 a man waled up to a car stuck in traffic in Heredia and pumped eight bullets in and near the driver. The victim was identified by the last name of  Garita.

One of the persons detained Thursday is in the reserves of the Feurza Pública, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. Another is a former member of the Unidad Especial de Intervención of the Ministerio de Presidencia.

The man identified as the intellectual author of the shooting was identified with the last name of Ramírez. The victim, Garrita, was a principal witness against him in 1996 when he was sentenced to six years in prison. The case involved handling of company money. Garrita also has a pending financial claim against Ramírez for $1 million, officials said.

The allegation is that Ramírez approached the two persons with police experience and asked them to find a hitman. The allegation is that they contracted with a man with the last name of  Reyes to make the hit in Mercedes Norte de Heredia.

All four of the suspects have been placed in preventative detention, said the Poder Judicial.

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