Goat producers want better stock imported

Farmers who raise goats want to seek better stock and semen from the United States, the European Union and Canada to improve the local herds.

Some 700 persons took part in a discussion on the topic at a gathering of sheep and goat producers. Costa Rica has about 20,000 goats, said organizers.

Carlos Boschini, a Universidad de Costa Rica professor, said the industry requires a major stimulus with the importation of new genetic material to repopulate and increase the size of the country’s herds.

He said the number should be doubled and that production of goat products still is low.

The professor suggested calling upon the Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Animal to allow the importation of animals and semen to boost production. Most of the goat operations now are small scale.

Rodney Cordero, dean of the Universidad Técnica Nacional in Atenas where the session was held, said that there has been a recent increase in goat products. Now the milk is available in powder and the milk in fluid is registered and has all the permits necessary for sale.

Goat and lamb also are positioned to be a gourmet option for consumers, he said.

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