Government outlines its goals for the next three and a half years

The Luis Guillermo Solís administration laid out development plans Monday night that filled a 560-page document. The Teatro Nacional was the forum where the plans were outlined.

According to Solís, the priorities for the next three years will have impact through 2030. There are three pillars of the plan:

• Stimulation of the economy and the creation of quality employment

• Combating poverty and reducing inequality, and

• Maintaining an open and transparent government that fights against corruption.

Specifically, the plan calls for economic growth of 6 percent in the next three and a half years and 8 percent by 2030, a reduction in unemployment from 8.6 to 7 percent in three and a half years and down to 4 percent in 2030 and bringing 42,000 families out of extreme poverty.

The president said he wants to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030. He also wants to improve the country’s rating on an index of perception of corruption.

Extreme poverty is defined as not having enough money for three meals a day.

The plan will be put into practice by some 164 programs and projects, said the government.

Each administration publishes a development plan put together by the Ministerio de Planificación. The current one is a product of about five months of work by many government agencies.

Casa Presidencial said that a new aspect of the development plan will be a system of evaluation.

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