Government says it will support plans for Mega Terminal of the Atlantic

The central government said Monday that it is supporting plans for a second giant container terminal in the Limón port of Moín.

This is the private project of the America’s Gateway Development Corp. The role of the government will be to advance the paperwork to create a trust to permit the first steps of the development. The project is being called the Mega Terminal of the Atlantic. The firm is a subsidiary of AMEGA Holdings Barbados, Inc. That firm is Canadian, American and Costa Rican, the Ministerio de  Comercio Exterior said.

The post will be a competitor to the $1 billion container handling facility being planned as a government concession and developed by APM Terminals, a Dutch company.

America’s Gateway’s terminal also is seen as the eastern terminus of a proposed dry canal, a rail line, across the northern zone of Costa Rica to the Pacific. The firm Empresa Tren Interoceánico Continental  is involved in that project.

America’s Gateway has been promoting the project since 2008. Right now the project is in the feasibility planning stage.

For the global maritime industry, the AMEGA terminal offers a high speed, efficient deep-water port in a strategic geographical location that fully leverages the opportunity inherent in the Panama Canal expansion, the firm said. The channel will be 19 meters, about 62 feet.

For North American freight consignees and government, the terminal offers a high-security environment where containers from multiple incoming ports will be pre-scanned for immediate customs clearance into the United States and Canada reducing both risk and transit time, the firm added.

The terminal is estimated to cost about $900 million.

“There is support for AMEGA from all sectors and we look forward to working collaboratively with the government, the private sector, non-governmental agencies and the people to make the project a success,” the firm said on its Web site.. “America’s Gateway will bring great economic and social benefits to the Limón region and put Costa Rica firmly on the map as a leading global player in container shipping and related economic activities.” Work is about to commence on the second  stage of the concession process, with the aim of taking the terminal to public bidding early in 2016.

The APM Terminal project has run into strong opposition from workers on the public docks in Moín who fear they will lose their jobs.

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