Government to create an organic produce department

Organic farming got a boost Wednesday when the minister of agriculture said that a special department would be set up to promote and support the concept.

The minister, Felipe Arauz, was speaking to some 146 organic farmers in Tres Ríos de La Unión. The  Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería was instructed to set up such a department by a new law. There are about 2,160 farmers who produce organic products.

All produce and even all farmers are organic, but the term means that the food is produce without chemical insecticides and fertilizer.

One concern of organic producers is how to differentiate their crops from those that are not organic.  That becomes an important issue because the minister said that he expects to see 2,000 hectares in organic crops by 2018.
Certification is available but many farmers say doing it is too expensive. Certification also has advantages for exporting.

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