Immigration crackdown puts a dent in illegal trafficking network

Immigration police have cracked down on a system that allowed foreigners to cross the country in the route to the United States.

The Fuerza Pública was instrumental in collaring 29 Cubans when two small buses blew through a checkpoint in Cañas. There were 23 men and six women. Also detained were four men who were suspected of transporting the Cubans.

In Paso Canoas at the Panamá border, the Policía de Migración detained two of their own on suspicion of letting foreigners enter the country upon payment of money.

Officials said that Cubans can easily obtain a visa to Ecuador. From there they make their way with the help of traffickers through Central America and eventually to the U.S. border.

The immigration agents in Paso Canoas are accused of letting foreigners enter illegally with the payment of from $25 to $100 cash.

The system appears to be elaborate because the arriving foreigners

Illegal Cuban travelers await processing.

Illegal Cuban travelers await processing.

are handed off to Costa Ricans who provide transport to the Nicaragua border. In Cañas police said that a scout car traveled in advance of the buses to keep a lookout for enforcement.

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