Irish firm can credit cell phone in Costa Rica

Ding* the world’s largest top-up provider, has announced a large-scale expansion enabling South Americans living abroad to add credit to the mobile phones of their loved ones in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Already connected to over 300 mobile operators, this expansion adds another five operators to the growing ding* network which is available in over 130 countries with a reach of 3.5 billion phones worldwide, the company said.

There are over two million persons from these countries living around the world, with the majority (90 percent) of Puerto Ricans and Costa Ricans living in the U.S. and the majority of Ecuadorians (45 percent) based in Spain.  This significant expansion offers an additional, convenient way for these people to support their family and friends back home, the Dublin-based company said. With ding* they can safely send mobile credit directly to their loved ones’ phones on, the ding* mobile apps or in 500,000 retail outlets around the world, it added. The credit is delivered in as little as three seconds.

Commenting on the development, CEO Mark Roden said: “We are delighted to be expanding in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Our service can really make a difference in people’s lives and we can now reach South Americans living anywhere in the world and make it easier for them to stay close to the loved ones they’re separated from.”

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