Judiciary appeals to itself to prevent cuts in budget

The Poder Judicial said Monday that it has appealed to the Poder Judicial to declare that national budget cuts are outside the guidelines of the Constitution.

The appeal is by the presidencia of the Corte Suprema de Justicia to fellow magistrates in the Sala IV constitutional court.

The appeal says that the modest budget cuts that are being considered by the Asamblea Legislativa violate the budget flexibility and independence of the judiciary.

The key focus of the complicated appeal appears to be salaries.

The Luis Guillermo Solís administration submitted a 2015 budget that was 19 percent higher than the previous year. A legislative committee reduced the amount by about 3.8 percent or some $546 million. The approved budget is 7.6 trillion colons, about $14 billion.

The Poder Judicial is not the only branch of government complaining, but so far it is the only entity that has filed a court challenge.

In a related action the Partido Acción Cuidadana called upon lawmakers to approve the original budget without the cuts.  President Solís is of that party. Lawmakers can restore the cuts because the budget is now being considered by the full membership.

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