More agencies try to defend their 2015 budgets from lawmakers

Supporters of the cultural ministry were marching Tuesday to urge lawmakers to restore budget cuts.

Today the minister of  Justicia y Paz, Cristina Ramírez Chavarría, is expected to outline the damage budget cuts will do to her agency. She supervises prisons and the Registro Nacional, among others.

The opposition Partido Liberación Nacional pointed out Tuesday that the reduced 2015 budget still is 11.7 percent when corrected for inflation and higher than the previous year

The budget is supposed to be approved by Nov. 30, and as that date approaches more government agencies will be lobbying for their budget. University students are expected to do so again soon.

Supporters of the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, noted that the budget already was reduced before a legislative committee got a hold of the document. It was there that a 3.8 percent overall cut was made before the document was sent to the floor.

Elizabeth Fonseca, the culture minister, said that if the cuts were maintained her ministry would not be able to continue with a plan of decentralization.

The Poder Judicial said Monday that it has appealed its proposed budget to the Sala IV constitutional court.

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