Most of the annual marchamo payment is just a tax on vehicles

The Instituto Nacional de Seguos, the state insurance agency, expects to collect 176 billion colons or about $325 million for the annual road tax.

Most of the money, some 69.5 percent, is a tax that goes to the Ministerio de Hacienda. Just 19.9 percent goes to the insurance company for coverage, according to data provided by the insurance firm Monday. There are a number of other agencies that also have their hand out. The amounts are relatively modest.

The insurance firm, known as INS, said that it expects payments from about 1.25 million vehicle owners. Private firms can receive a commission for collecting the fee. Banks, insurance firms and even the payment stations in supermarkets accept the money.

Vehicle owners can find out how much they owe by going to the insurance institute’s Web page, or by calling 800-6272-4266. Or they can call 2243-9999.  The company said that a text message to 1467 giving the license plate number will generate a response giving the amount.

The marchamo has to be paid by Dec. 31, or there is the possibility of a 49,000-colon fine, some $90.

Like many other payment locations, INS has a raffle.

Like many other payment locations, INS has a raffle.

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