No one is counting out the Turrialba volcano yet

The Turrialba volcano has not gone to sleep. Scientists say there is an increase in seismic activity beneath the mountain.

The most recent eruptions caused the collapse of another wall in the crater and generated more ash through the countryside, according to the Red Sismológica Nacional.

The Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico said that the increase in underground activity might suggest future eruptions that would involve the ejection of magma.

The Observatorio also has compiled data from residents showing where the volcanic ash has landed. Some was found as far away as Ciudad Quesada.

Those who wish to report ash at their location can do so via this LINK.

Those who want to check out the volcano can now do so with the Web camera some 600 meters from the crater back in service.

The mountain continues to emit gas and water vapor while officials try to predict what will happen next. President Luis Guillermo Solís has scheduled another visit to the area later in the week.

The Central Valley is not immune to developments at the crater. The mountain is only 35 kilometers east of the capital.

Map shows where ash has fallen. A larger version is HERE!

Map shows where ash has fallen. A larger version is HERE!

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