Obama violated the U.S. Constitution

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Re: Your article “An A.M. Costa Rica editorial Obama’s immigration proposal is worth considering”

What your article should have included is how this executive action shreds our U.S. Constitution… The U.S. Constitution is very clear about there being three branches of government. Each one is a check on the others, and especially the president. The idea was to prevent dictatorial policies by the president.

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Not deporting these Illegal individuals was perhaps, perhaps  something that could be done with executive action, but only if it were on a much smaller scale (say perhaps effecting 100,00 people), but this effects many millions. It is said up to all 11+ million who are in the U S now illegally. There is no way to actually check and prove someone has been here more than five years.. What this amounts to is total amnesty

Obama then created a new law that says illegals get work permits. Just because the government will defer deportation does not make them legal. That is another case where he definitely does not have authority…

We have federal laws that state Illegals cannot work and, in fact, the employers are subject to large fines if they are found hiring these workers.

So please do include these facts in your article, and explain that the U S does, indeed have laws, and no matter how much the president (any president) dislikes the laws, he has no authority to change or add to them.

Laws are made in Congress (House and Senate), then signed into law by the president.  His position as president, is to “faithfully execute the laws of the United States”

Law suites have already been filed and have a good chance of succeeding.

Earlier this year the Supreme Court came down with a decision against Obama, for appointments he made and did not go thru Congress. (Congress must approve certain presidential appointments).

Jim Fair
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