Plan readied with goal to reduce deaths of those using motorcycles

Anyone who drives a vehicle in Costa Rica knows that motorcyclists are in a world of their own. They jump traffic lights, plow through lines of traffic and frequently have accidents.

Taking care of injured motorcycle drivers cost the  Instituto Nacional de Seguros $40 million last year.

The Consejo de Seguridad Vial  is trying to come up with a plan to reduce the deaths of motorcyclists by 20 percent over the next six years. However. the plan still is in the works with the help from the  Banco de Desarrollo para América Latina and international experts.

Among other approaches, the agency is considering a special driving course for those using motorcycles.

The bulk of the deaths are of young men in rural areas. Each weekend there seems to be at least four or five fatal motorcycle accidents. Many involve just the motorcycle that goes off the road and hits a tree or wall, Sometimes two motorcycles collide head-on with fatal results. The traffic safety agency did not mention it, but alcohol appears to have a role in some of the deaths.

Compared to automobiles, motorcycles are inexpensive, usually less than $1,000 and sometimes way less. Consequently their are attractive to youngsters.

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