Police say soccer anti-violence push has worked

Expats probably can be comfortable in bringing their families to first division soccer games in the Central Valley.

Police officials have clamped down and said the last two major games lacked any form of violence. The Fuerza Pública also has a list of troublemakers who cannot get into the stadium.

The last two games were between the Liga Deportiva Alajuelense and Club Sport Herediano and the one Sunday between Deportivo Saprissa and Alajuelense.

Police officials say they have been working with the heads of the soccer teams to reduce the violence.

Each major club has an organized fan base, and some of these are routinely violent.

Spectators who are not involved with the fan groups have been injured seriously when fights break out. Police have been injured, too, in trying to quell the violence.

Police have been aided by some new legislation that allows them to crack down on troublemakers inside the stadiums.

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