Press group deplores repression in México

The Inter American Press Association has condemned acts of censorship, discrimination and repression by members of the Querétaro state government in Mexico taken against local journalists, and called on the federal government for guarantees for the safety of reporters.

Some 75 journalists in Querétaro complained in a public statement of threats, discrimination and repression on the part of state officials in the administration of Gov. Antonio Calzada.

The journalists condemned the order by the state’s government secretary to censor and instigate an attack on Juan Manuel Auzua, host of the program “The Night Guardian” broadcast by 92.7 FM radio, in which he had raised the issue of lack of security in the state.

Press association President Gustavo Mohme of the Peruvian newspaper La República declared that “we also issued a call on the government of Mexico to strengthen the mechanisms established to investigate crimes against freedom of expression and protect the work of journalists.”

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