Rail service gets so-so rating from users

On a scale of 10 the nation’s passenger rail service rates just 56 with its customers, according to the Contraloría General de la República.

The watchdog agency reported on a study of the train service Wednesday. Then it recommended that the Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles do more service to customers.

The complaints include overcrowding in the rail cars and inconsistent arrival and departure times. There also have been problems of access to the rail stations and getting information to users, said the Contraloría.

The report also noted that the rail institute is behind in providing a link to Alajuela from Heredia, even though there still is plenty of money in the budget.

In 2013 the rail service, which began again in 2005, saw 3.1 million customers.

The system now includes a Pavas to Curridabat service, an Heredia-San José line, a service from San Antonio de Belén to San José and a San José to Cartago line.  The Heredia to Alajuela link will be 11 kilometers.

The rail system is seen as a way to reduce the traffic congestion in the Central Valley.

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