Tax police mount holiday effort

The unreformed Grinch may be alive and well on Avenida Secunda.

That is probably why the Policía de Control Fiscal and the dircciones generales de Tributación and Aduanas said they will have inspectors out in force to confiscate contraband and control the import of goods into the country.

The agencies were most interested in black Friday and cyber Monday. The inspectors also are trying to make sure that the sales taxes are being paid.

The tax agency said that special attention will be paid to arrivals at Juan Santamaría airport where those coming from other countries have to declare what they are bringing in.

The customs agency, aduana, also said that it would be following closely activities of courier services that may be handling goods for residents here.

Helio Fallas, the vice president and minister of Hacienda, called on citizens to turn in tax and customs violators.

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