Telephone call leads police to cocaine stash in downtown parking lot

There are strange developments that seem to be related to the war between rival drug factions

The latest is a microbus filled with cocaine that was turned into police by an anonymous caller.

The vehicle was found to contain a hefty 360 kilos of cocaine.

Drug couriers are not going to win any friends by abandoning a load like this, so one question is who put the vehicle in the parking lot near Parque Morazán.

The cocaine was so obvious that the first police officers on the scene could see the packages through a window. Fuerza Pública officers quickly contacted agents with the Policía de Control de Drogas.

The one-kilo drug packages were marked with a Batman logo.

A lot of the drug discoveries that officers attributed to investigative work or anti-drug dogs really are products of gang rivalry. One gang tries to win an advantage by telling police about drug shipments by its rivals.

Another strange event took place in Naranjo Monday when officers on patrol encountered two fake police officers who were holding

Batman logo can be seen clearly on the drug packages.

Batman logo can be seen clearly on the drug packages.

drivers of Honduran-registered tractor trailers. Drug agents eventually found 573 kilos of cocaine in one truck.

The attempted hijacking clearly was directed at Honduran registered vehicles, so those who set up the fake stop must have had inside information. Investigators have said little about this case.

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