Tis the season to use the checkbook

Ebenezer Scrooge might have reconsidered his Christmas conversion if he had to face the cuesta arriba.

That is an expression for the financial uphill effort most business operators make in the last month of the year. But it also refers to expats.

Most residents know about the aguinaldo, the mandatory Christmas bonus that must be given to workers. The amount is usually about a twelfth of what the employee collected in the last year, December to November. That has to be done by Dec. 15.

That also is the same day that the annual income tax report is due along with any money that is owed.

And Friday the Instituto Nacional de Seguros said it has begun collecting the marchamo or road tax for the coming year. The payment is due by Jan. 1.

Then there is the tax on any corporation that an expat might own. Last year the amount was 199,000 colons, and it is due by Jan. 15. The municipality also will have its hand out again at the end of December for any business license that an expat might have.

And don’t forget the luxury home tax.

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