Top cop becomes a data peeking suspect

The controversy over judicial workers peeking into the files of a top soccer star is beginning to look like a political grudge match.

The chief prosecutor, Jorge Chavarría Guzmán, has ordered that the director of the Judicial Investigating Organization be included among the suspects, according to a statement released through the Poder Judicial. Chavarría  said that was because the director, Francisco Segura Montero, told reporters that he authorized two accesses to the Plataforma de Información Policial file of soccer star Keylor Navas.

Both  Segura and  Chavarría appeared before the Corte Suprema de Justicia Monday to explain their positions. The court issued rules to prohibit use of the data base except in the case of individuals under investigation.

Including Segura, there now are 25 judicial agents and four prosecutors under investigation for accessing the soccer star’s file in June, July and August.

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