Vandals in Limón torch two tractor cabs overnight

Vandals in Limón torched two tractor trailer cabs Sunday night and Monday morning.

The first was at the entrance to Limón 2000 on Ruta 32, the main access to the Moín docks. That was at 9 p.m., and the driver said he was ordered out of his cab at gunpoint.

At 2 a.m. there was a similar situation in Moín when armed men intercepted a tractor trailer  The Fuerza Pública said they detained some suspects. There were reports that homemade bombs were used.

There were no indications that the vandals were connected directly to the striking dock workers union.

Police managed to break up plans for additional lawlessness. They said they found 18 gasoline-soaked pallets and some 54 old vehicle tires that were designed to create burning barricades in the Caribbean communities.

Officers are urging truckers to avoid the area after daylight hours.

Meanwhile, Casa Presidencial has invited the defensora de los habitantes, Monserrat Solano Carboni, to participate in negotiations.

Víctor Morales Mora, issued the invitation is a letter. He is minister of Trabajo and is handling the negotiations. However, he restricted the topics for discussion and said that there would be no amnesty for strikers who were detained a week ago when police moved into the docks. He said the discussion should center on a Limón development plan that Casa Presidencial proposed last week.

Strikers want a contract with APM Terminals redone to give them more container handling at the public docks where they work. The government has continually refused to do that.

These tires were going to be burned by vandals

These tires were going to be burned by vandals

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