Volcano reported remaining stable

Some 13 schools remain closed in the vicinity of the Turrialba volcano, but officials noted Monday that the mountain has been stable for 48 hours with just some emissions of gas and steam.

The national emergency commission continues to obtain information from the residents about any damage they may have suffered.

Some of the dairy farmers have been moving their animals elsewhere. Some cows still are in the security zone set up around the volcano. They are being provided water and feed.

There still is an alert, and the national park that surrounds the volcano is closed. However, officials are permitting some access to the nearby sister volcano, Irazú, which also is the center of a national park.

Since the volcano erupted Thursday night, there has been a lot of activity by emergency workers. In addition, farmers are taking count of the produce that has been damaged by the sulfuric gases that some from the volcano.

There also is a rain of ash that can cover cattle pastures close to the volcano. Ash has been detected in the Central Valley as far away as Moravia and Puriscal.

Near the volcano officials said they count 13 communities with some type of volcano-caused problem. There are 62 families containing 164 persons, but many have moved away to stay with realatives, said the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias.

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