Water leak throttles traffic for three days

Traffic was so bad Friday evening in San José that local radio stations were broadcasting a warning to motorists to stay out of the center of the city.

Some motorists spent two to three hours in a major traffic jam that was caused, in part, by the closing of Avenida 7 so water company workers could fix a leak. This has been a long-time effort, and the problem reached a peak Thursday morning when a backhoe operator snagged underground high tension lines. The major water leak took backseat to restoring power to much of the city.

Fridays always are a time of heavy traffic even without the additional problems caused by the Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados. The road closing resonated for blocks and blocks with homebound motorists struggling against buses and trucks. The leak finally was fixed Saturday, so says the water company.

How many supervisors are at the dig?

How many supervisors are at the dig?

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