African and Tico influences merged

Artist Nathan Miller opens his newest exhibit, “Clearly Costa Rica,” Saturday at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery in Liberia.

Drawn to nature in his youth, artist Nathan Miller surrounded himself with animals and had childhood dreams of being a marine biologist or even a zookeeper.  His early drawings showed his enthusiasm with nature and animals, from dogs and cats, to turtles and dinosaurs, Miller gravitated toward all of them constantly drawing and sketching.  His travels and education in Israel and African villages of Kenya and its capital Nairobi brought new and exciting depth to his world of art during his teenage years.

After his travels, his focus was turned to graphic design when he returned home to Florida, where he furthered his education and received his bachelor of fine arts at the University of Florida.

“Due to my travels, for several years,” the U.S. expat said, “I was drawn to African themes in my art. My paintings and sculptures were almost always of stylized African figures. It wasn’t until my move to Costa Rica that I experienced a new shift in focus and style.

“People are drawn to this place because of its beauty, and I don’t know how any artist could live in Costa Rica without being inspired to capture such beauty in their works.”

Inspired by a myriad of artists, some of Miller’s favorites include Renaissance artist Michelangelo, impressionist Claude Monet, and surrealist Salvador Dali, to name just a few.

His awe of contemporary artists includes Jay Alders and Jeremy Mann. Miller praises these artists by saying that “Each of these artists, past and present, have striven for excellence, delineated their subjects in their own way, and achieved a quality that inspires and mesmerizes those who encounter their work. Their work depicts reality, but they go beyond what the eye sees and, instead, somehow capture the deeper essence of their subject matter.”

Thrilled with his relocation to Costa Rica, a land of howling monkeys and hummingbirds zipping by, a place with clean oceans and perfect waves, makes him feel extremely fortunate to see and hear things in their natural habitat. “I feel like, in some ways, we are now working together.”

Miller will be at the opening Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Hidden Garden Art Gallery is located five kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber Airport. Those seeking more information can call 2667-0592, 8386-6968, or email

Nathan Miller with some of his works.

Nathan Miller with some of his works.

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