Business leaders seem to be pessimistic

A survey of top business leaders has detected a deterioration of their vision of the economy in comparison to what they reported in May.

The survey is more of a census of those 137 executives who manage firms that take in $10 million or more a year. The survey was by Deloitte & Co. S.A., and this is the ninth effort.

Those who considered the economic situation to be better than in May were 14.9 percent versus 16.3 percent.

There was also a decline in the opinion of the investment climate. Some 56.7 percent said that the climate was worse compared to 45.2 percent in May.

There has been a steady erosion of those who see the business climate as favorable since a similar survey in March 2010 when some 48.6 percent of the respondents had that view.

Those who thought that the economic situation will be worse in the coming year took a big jump from 23.8 percent to 45.2 percent.

The bulk of the respondents did not approve of the work of the Luis Guillermo Solís administration. Only 16.3 percent voiced approval while 45.2 percent said they disapproved.

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